Tegan and Toby - Tithe Barn Wedding Photography | South Harting May

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Tegan and Toby

I have a pretend 4x4. You know, one of those "SUV" thingys that let you play hillbilly and Dad all at the same time. Let's just say, its a good thing I do. Tegan's family hired the most amazing farmhouse for the days leading up to and after the wedding. The only problem, its in a place that maps don't go. I tell a lie, the post code was recognised but it gave me an ETA about 30 minutes longer than I expected. Even it assumed I would be walking the last mile. This sets a tone. A wonderful tone. Its all organic and that's the way (uh huh uh huh) I like it. I emerged from the car to find Olly from Storybook Films. I enterd the house by simply stepping through the open front door. It was one of those open heart, open door things. There I found a hive of activity. Girls everywhere, Granddad reading all about the Cricket and two small kids who also happen to be Tegan's half-brothers. I'm into this, they have Mr Tumble on and since they live in France they looked as shell shocked as the rest of us. This was a unique day for me. I've done up a dress or two, ferried Bridesmaids to the venue, carried bags and kept nervous Dads calm. Today, however, I got the unique task of spending 20 minutes alone with the Bride. Since the road in was more for 4x4s than vintage cars Tegan's father had to drive the Bridesmaids to the church (or the local pub to collect another form of transport...I honestly don't know which). In that time it was only myself and Tegan. I really wanted to get a photo of Tegan's Dad seeing her dressed for the first time. It was one of the most wonderful experiences as a photographer. Being a wedding photographer is a lot about taking great images. It's also a lot about being the kind of person that people can talk to and feel comfortable around. Good times. I only have so much verbage I can use here so if I kind of blow through the service don't hold it against me. Beautiful, sublime, peaceful. For many years Toby would pass a barn on his way to school Turns out that barn is Tithe Barn. From the musings of a young man looking out a window to the ultimate location of his wedding reception. Life is full of surprises. There we found a bouncy castle (and they can do real flips people), the single most amazing cake I've ever seen made by Tegan's mother and a wedding theme all about Barcelona. I have to cut this short now or the whole of my website will simply be swallowed by a LOST style vortex.