Spring Wedding at Tithe Barn by Hampshire Wedding Photographer April

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Isabel and Simon

You've got to be somewhat cool to have a wedding on the same day as a Royal Wedding. You have to be even cooler to have planned YOUR day then have the other two gate crash the country with theirs. The fact that Will and Kate got married on the same day as Isabel and Simon seemed to wash over them. Yes it happened, yes folks talked about it (a little bit). But by the time the ceremony rolled around it was just one thing is a day of amazing events. One Royal wedding to be forgotten and replaced by a royally wonderful wedding. And so it goes. Opening the official 2011 calendar with two Tithe Barn weddings was probably a good thing. Being so familiar with the location, the building, the grounds and the folks who run it, meant that I only had to focus on getting my wedding head back on. Its a bit like riding a bike thankfully. Thanks to Isabel and Simon for having us both along and planning an exceptional day.