Zena and Ben - Spring Wedding at Tithe Barn May

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Zena and Ben

I pretty much fall in love with all my clients. They are usually just the best type of folks you could have in your working life. Are you expecting a 'but'? Perhaps you should. These two, well, I wanted to kidnap them at the end of the night and take them home with me. I was pretty sure it wasn't their idea of an ideal first night of matrimony so, on reflection, I declined the urge and simply slipped away in the dead of night. What I do know is that somehow I 'borrowed' a bit of their verve. The intensity of their smiles and the way they lived life. It was infectious, life affirming and truly delightful. I felt geniunely blessed to be a part of their day. I was welcomed as if I was an old friend and hugged like an uncle. Wonderful. Its hard to not walk away taking that little something with you. From the Bridesmaid chips and dips, the single gold fingernail, the identical twins of Groom and Best Man, the peanut butter cups on the sweetie table, the cake shoving 'incident' and the surprise Hen Dance Show at the end. All of it...I'd do it all again. Truly blessed I am!