Joanna and Glyn - St Mary's Buriton and Tithe Barn Wedding May

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Joanna and Glyn

Rain. Its a fact of life. We need it but some days you want it to just clear off. Sadly it didn't really play ball to begin with on Joanna and Glyn's day at St Mary's Buriton followed by a reception at the gorgeous Tithe Barn, Hampshire. I started in Farnham at Jo's parent's house. Both Jo's father and I were checking the weather. The outlook was bright but at the moment the rain was beading up on the Bentley outside. I spent an hour or so with girls before heading on to St Mary's to see my favourite Verger, Lynne. She had already cleared it with the bellringers and I was granted permission to take some photos from the bell tower. Previously this was always covered by my assistant. However he wasn't there so this task was left to yours truly. Eeekkk. Its a vertical climb up 'stairs' but between you and me let's just call it a ladder. Part way throught the ceremony I made my way up. The view is spectacular and the creative possibilities are wonderful. I only wished I had a change of underwear for the way back down. I nominate Darren next time. But let's not forget that St Mary's has some of the best light of any church around. I love it there. By the time we exited the church, the weather was on the mend. Good enough for confetti and formals outside. Good times. Jo, Glyn and I were able to tick off the formals outside as well as the couple photos. Even the rural lane was dry enough to venture up. Some wonderfully warm and funny speeches capped off a great reception before the evening started. I have only one mystery I can't solve. The hilarious conversation between Glyn and his new Father in Law. I captured it all on the dance floor. Glyn was hysterical and Jo's father looked embarrassed. I'd love to know what that was all about!