Wedding Photography at Tithe Barn - Emma and Gavin June

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Emma and Gavin

Tithe Barn is often the scene of some spectacular goings on. Not often does it include swords and men and women in uniform but on this occasion it most certainly did. I can't think of the last time the Royal Navy took to hand to hand combat but when those shiny things are inches from you its not really the time to argue. Clearly I jest as it was just the lovely ceremonial guard of friends that Gavin, a Lt in the Royal Navy, had at the wedding. It was a truly naval experience with Emma getting ready in Portsmouth. Apparently theres a few ships there. Whodathunkit? Emma then had to be sardined into the classic car as there was little chance of a bride in a dress getting in without the roof off. The sun shined, the champagne flowed and a fantastic day was had by all. I hope you enjoy Emma and Gavin's Tithe Barn wedding photography.