Vicki and Ben - May Wedding at Tithe Barn in Hampshire May

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Vicki and Ben

Nothing adds pressure more than the heavy weight of expectation. I was fortunate enough to book Vicki and Ben's wedding last year and then promptly was hired by her company for some commercial work before Christmas. This went well. Rather well from all accounts. This pleases me you understand. But then you turn up for the wedding, a completely different environment and folks are saying "the work you did for the company was pressure. Umm. Sure. No pressure". But let's be realistic, this is a wedding at one of my favourite haunts. A place I could probably get a bedroom set aside because I'm there so much. Then you add Vicki and Ben and all their friends and family. Well, its a bit of a Kevin Bacon EE commercial 'no brainer' moment. Let me tell you. This was a fantasic wedding. So many happy, shiny people. We had a man for a Bridesmaid, a sensational florist in Michelle from Someflower, cracking nosh from Denny's and awesome tunes from Funky Buddah. Near enough a dream team. Add all that together in wedding melting pot with the happiest of couples, coolest of friends and family and folks, you've got something pretty special.