Holly and Chris - Milland and Tithe Barn Wedding Photography May

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Holly and Chris

A Thursday wedding. Always a little gift for a wedding photographer. Even more of a gift when you booked yourself onto a triathlon on Saturday elimitating a chance of taking on a wedding on a Saturday in May. So when someone wants to get married on a Thursday you don't ask questions. But these were no ordinary clients. Every client is special. But some couples are just entirely infectious. Their smiles, personality and laughter just get into that part of you that only a few people can. I arrived at Holly and Chris' house and walked through an open door. People here, people there, people everywhere. Holly smiles at you and you melt. I'm sticking to her like glue. This is pure photographic gold. There's a gorgeous dress and Bridesmaids in every direction. There's Esther pulling off Olympic level photo taking. There's Dad getting a bit emotional. Me too. I love it. I left the girls to find Chris at Milland Church. I had driven past the entrance 1000 times. I'd never venutred up the lane. There I found the most magical and beautiful church ever. The space, the light, the foliage. It's a scene straight out of a movie. I find Chris, he's got a smile even bigger than Holly's. Impossible one would think. But it's true. A gorgeous ceremony with a laid back vicar. There's a kid at the back who is entertaining me in ways no kid can. Everywhere I looked I saw a shot. The guests were geninuely nice people. Fish in a barrel. We left for Tithe Barn and there the mood didn't dip at all. In fact, it went higher. Lots of guests brought cake and biscuits and other amazing afternoon tea things. I took part. How could I not? I've been blessed with the ability to work at Tithe Barn so many times I can't recall. I love when someone tries something new. Today, they did. Speeches outside. Sublime. I could be in 2 places at one time (or so it felt). The day just kept on giving. Great couple photos. Great laughs. Great dancing. I'd 'Groundhog Day' this wedding again and again!