Katie and Stuart - A Summer Wedding at Tithe Barn June

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Katie and Stuart

Phwoah. Can I say that it? Its true. Katie was (is) stunning. Never more stunning than when I first saw her twiddling her earrings whilst standing in front of her Mum's dressing table. If you ever watched MadMen you too will be struck by the image. The sophisticated and elegant look of a timeless style. Refreshing in its almost vintage quality. Katie and Stuart took a classic approach and dashed in a few modern twists. The venue, Tithe Barn, lent itself to a rustic charm giving the wedding, along with its wonderful guests, a warm and welcoming feeling. Stuart claimed he never looked good in photos. Rubbish. They man is a walking GQ advert. But then again, maybe he was just reflecting a bit off of the Glamour girl of Katie...who knows. Once again more beautiful Hampshire wedding photography at Tithe Barn, Ditcham.