Zulu Wedding with an English Twist - Sharyn and Mark May

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Sharyn and Mark

Sometimes a client comes along that warms your cockles. A pair that make you so happy when you work for them that you want to work for them every week. Sharyn and Mark are that pair. Totally into their images and enough knowledge to back up why. They also felt totally comfortable allowing Darren and I to get on with things the way we know how. The end result is one of the best Tithe Barn weddings I've ever shot. I suppose I should give a bit of credit to the mass of South Africans (Sharyn is from SA) who made their way to the Hampshire countryside. My experience tells me that if you want to have a wild party, hire in a bunch of them. If you are looking for a Tithe Barn Wedding Photographer I hope you enjoy this slideshow and I look forward to hearing from you soon.