Katie and David's September Tithe Barn Wedding September

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Katie and David

Over the hills and far away….or rather down them hills as fast as you can go. Here is the wedding of two wild and crazy people. One outwardly, the other not so. Both mad in that they like to pummell down hills at a high rate of speed on bikes. Not that I'm complaining…after seeing their summer trip to a French ski resort I'm now booked to go myself. I may stick to the green run though. I always knew this wedding was going to be special. I've been 'connected' to Katie by Facebook for some time and it makes for some interesting reading. My anticipation grew as the wedding got nearer and I can tell you I wasn't disappointed. When you're a recommended photographer at Tithe Barn you find yourself in a similar space many times a year. This has a great comfort and its also a challenge. I think what working at one venue some 30 plus times has taught me is that the venue itself has only a small part to play. Its the people that fill it that make a wedding. Of course a great venue like Tithe Barn doesn't hurt. But to see the fun, the laughter, the excitement and individuality that Katie and David put into their day made it all the better. Thanks for having Darren and I along. It was, and always will be, a fantastic day.