Colvina and Matthew - Steep Church and Tithe Barn July

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Colvina and Matthew

Its lovely when a plan comes together. Not that I actually planned this. You see I love when the work I do for other weddings gets me recommended for another one. In this case it wasn't even that overt. Colvina used to work in the same place that a former Bride did years ago. When she saw her photos on Facebook she was pretty well set. I love clients like that. Who know what they want and then just turn it over to me. I met the girls in Catherington which was a brilliant getting ready session. Some great photos in unexpected places. Darren met the guys at The Harrow Inn near Steep and Sheet. Pubs are always a great place to start. Steep church is divine and the vicar there was extremely accommodating. A very welcome position Even the verger went out of his way to help out. Colvina arrived and the whole day took off. So many Bridesmaids and Groomsman. Everywhere I looked. Taking this all back to Tithe Barn was just the dream. Its a venue I know so well and being a recommended photographer there is a very special position to be in. The wedding was made even more unique for me because Colvina grew up at the end of the 'garden' at Tithe. So we did a little exploring and since she's a do-er she climbed the fence in the adjoining field to take some really lovely portraits in a place where she grew up. It was just the most fantastic day