Spring Wedding at Tithe Barn, Hampshire - Samantha and Chris May

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Samantha and Chris

Tithe Barn . . . Ditcham. Yep, I've been there before. Once, maybe twice or maybe 20 times. But no matter how many times I go I still hunger for something new -- something different to give each client. It's perhaps the most difficult challenge in wedding photography but its something you have to take head on. Sam and Chris had a wonderful day, even if the weather was a bit unseasonably cold for May. They got married in the church in Exton. There was little chance of being late considering you only need to look outside the back door to see the church spire. I'm into new ideas and they didn't let me down. To cover the munchies that can happen between church and the reception venue they had a basket of cupcakes (good thing folks didn't use it as a confetti) on the way out of the church. Most folks probably laughed -- but I don't think it stopped them tucking in. A warm thank you to Sam and Chris for having me along to their Tithe Barn wedding.