Adele and Paul's Spring Wedding at Tithe Barn, Hampshire June

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Adele and Paul

Adele....despite her en vogue popstar name, she actually looks like Kylie. A good day was had by all :) Adele is an enigma. She is the only Bride to visit me, without her Groom, and book. Not that the Groom seeing me is a problem, just that I've never had a Bride come solo before. I think Paul knew what I quickly learned. Adele has it all under control. Another amazing day at the Tithe Barn for me. As a recommended Tithe Barn photographer I enjoy the benefit of countless weddings at this amazing Hampshire venue. Because of its unique characteristics its important to get the set up just right. I've seen it all...things that worked, things that didn't and its the one venue where I feel that you have to get it right or you are looking at some difficult results (I speak photographically). Adele and Paul are a great laugh. Her constant smile...and to be honest, his too. They gave me the freedom to do things that I like to do and I thank them for it. Congratulations on your most wonderful wedding day.