Sarah and Stephen - Autumn Wedding at Tithe Barn October

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Sarah and Stephen

The Captain has turned off the seatbelt sign - let's get this wedding started. A familiar phrase with a different ending. This is the wedding of Sarah (former air crew) and Stephen (current pilot) at the infamous Tithe Barn, Ditcham near Petersfield. A rather familiar haunt of mine. This was a unique way in many ways. For me it was unique because I got to cover both the guys AND the girls. I joined Stephen (and a whole host of more than just guys) in a house near Old Thorns (Liphook). I took one of my favourite all time photos here that day (its the one of the young girl looking up at the champagne glasses - look out for it). With a positive vibe I drove a short distance to join Sarah at home. I love a great Bridal prep (photographer lingo) and this was no exception. A chance to play around, test ideas, get some great moments and shot some details. I got to take part in ALL of those before heading off to the barn. The leaves were turning and the colours were just starting to really pop out. The Barn is beautiful at all times of the year but we (the barn and I) have a special relationship with October as it was an October wedding that I shot there for the very first time over 10 years ago. The day went from strength to strength. A great ceremony, some beautiful weather for after. A wonderful time with JJ from Jacaranda (catering). I got a chance to try out some new equipment and even set up some lighting for a photo booth upstairs. This was an awesome day! Thanks for having me.