Wedding Photography at Tithe Barn - Hannah and Tom September

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Hannah and Tom

Tithe Barn Wedding Photographer

The Autumn sunshine blessed us on this warm and colourful day at Tithe Barn in Hampshire. Tails did wag for both the Bride and Groom. Pun intended. This is the wedding of Hannah and Tom. It was both a two and four legged affair with their loveable pooches both in attendance for the ceremony. I met up with the girls in Guildford (2 and 4 legs). I always say to clients that wedding days, whilst amazing and super special, are also 'normal' days to a lot of other people. The dogs seems to take me literally as Hannah spent time playing fetch with a ball and even having to 'take care of some business' left behind in the parents garden. Soon the magic did take over and it was off to Tithe Barn we went. Darren (in his last appearance before South East Asia) met up with Tom and there it was a very different affair. A cat appeared in his first 5 pictures. The irony. The fall sun glinted through the turning leaves as the guests arrived, Tom providing lots of hugs. After a walk (another pun) down the aisle and back again it was time to exit through a tunnel of bubble confetti. The afternoon breezed by with portraits of the couple, their friends and family and a receiving line. After a wonderful wedding breakfast by Brian at Wright Choice it was time for speeches and for the everyone to let their hair down. A wondeful day in the Hampshire sunshine.