Rebecca and Steve - Farnham and Elvetham Wedding Photography June

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Rebecca and Steve

Here we go again! The path back to a single couple to who I can only refer to as the Kevin Bacon Wedding. Not because either one of them is a) Kevin Bacon or b) Starred in Footloose but because of c) The Six Degrees of Wedding Bacon. I was fortunate a number of years ago to shoot Laura and Leigh's wedding. From it came so many others. Friends of the couple, sisters, brothers of sisters, sister of the brother who had a wife who had a brother who married a bridesmaid of Laura. If you're head is spinning, so am I. This one came from friends of Laura's parents. No matter how you boil it down, its just always WONDERFUL to work for someone as a recommendation. Naturally, its just super duper awesome to work on one of the most fabulously styled weddings of the century. Beauty, elegance and grace - and that's just Rebecca's Father. It was lovely to revisit some old ground in St Andrew's in Farnham as well The Elvetham Hotel. Of course, if you add in the geniunely honest and lovely family plus some exceedingly fun friends (I'm sure they are honest and lovely too) ti was a recipe for a tremendous day. The pictures tell you the story!