Angela and Rob's Amazing Wedding on Spitbank Fort July

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Angela and Rob

Wow. Can I say that again. WOW! It's hard to believe that a three letter word can say so much. But let say. WOW! I've always said location has only a small part to play in a fantastic wedding. Its the people, their connection, the feelings and love, that make a wedding. The spirit that comes from the couple, the love of their friends and family. This is the key to an amazing wedding. It means that no matter where you have it, its going to be great. But what if you could combine all that I've mentioned with one the MOST SENSATIONAL venues on the planet? Could the cosmic crossing of these two things create something altogether amazing. The answer is yes. Angela and Rob's wedding on Spitbank Fort was nothing short of breath taking. From the moment I boarded the boat (along with the guests no staying on the fort) I felt that this was going to be incredible. I wasn't wrong. Its different. Don't forget that. Its not a massive ball room, there's no lawn and if the weather gets up you're right in it. But this all melts away when you see the amazing interiors, fire pit, hot pool (not tub), crow's nest, dining room and accommodation. But remember, all that is useless without good people and for this wedding, good people were aplenty! I can hardly put into words the mark this wedding has left on me. Its all good!