Spring Wedding at Rhinefield House - Belen and Damon April

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Belen and Damon

Nestled on the Hampshire - Dorset border sits the 'Jewel of the New Forest'. I am, of course, talkinga about Rhinefield House. A sensation wedding venue deep in the ancient forest near Brockenhurst. Built in 1887 the house is now a 4-star luxury hotel and has been voted one of the top wedding venues in the country. Of course no venue is complete without the people to fill it. Luckily for me I found Belen and Damon. Two image savvy people who have a thirst for the finer things in life. I was recommended to them by Kerry and Steve from 2007 and I am glad they did. They gave me the freedom to do what I enjoy doing and do best. The only downside being they've been on honeymoon for ages and I've had to wait WAY too long to post this on the web. I suppose I can't hold a grudge on that one. Thanks to Belen and Damon (and Kerry and Steve) for having me be a part of an amazing day!