Janet and Ian - Rhinefield House in Hampshire June

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Janet and Ian

Rhinefield House and my head are still spinning. It was a day that will forever be etched into my mind. For a list of reasons I can hardly comprehend. Janet and Ian weren't new to me. They were guests a few years back at Angela and Rob's wedding on Spitbank Fort. Janet is unforgettable. Simply put, she's the life and spirit of just about everything. The pictures I have of her from the dance floor on fort are priceless. I knew it was going to be good. I met them last summer to talk about their idea. They have so many. Some 'normal', some completely outragous. Let's go with outrageous, I love outrageous. To say I got what I expected on the day makes it sounds predictable. What I expected was to see the totally unexpected (see what I did there). So in this case I got exactly what I was expecting. Janet, the woman of 1000 faces. Each tell their own story. I'm almost at a loss of words. From the joy of her parents to see her married, to the Men In Black who delivered the rings. The surprise appearance of Dave the dog and the magic boxes for each couple that only an unknown other couple had the key for. The singing waiters, the sumo suits, the photo booth, the magician, the characterist. Guests were always entertained. If not by the suppliers then by Ian and Janet. I had the luxury of staying to the bitter end and even the breakfast the day after. Truly mind blowing.