Teresa and Pete's Vow Renewal in Portsmouth May

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Tersea and Pete

How many times do I want to say 'Vowel Renewal'? Every time in fact. Habits are hard to break and working with these guys is another habit I prefer not to break. I have, in the past, shot a wedding of a parent and then worked with the daughter a few years later. But this is the first time I've shot the wedding of a daughter and then the 'wedding' of the parents the next year. Like a referral its great getting to see all those lovely people again. To see how kids have changed and rather unexpectedly how much the Groom from last year's hair changed (I reckon you'll work it out quickly). There's always an ease about situations like this. Made even more relaxed with the way Teresa has such an ease with everyone and everything. Pete is quiet. Stoic even. Or he's just good at doing what he's told. I'll let him decide. This day, with all its joy and celebration, was sadly marked with sadness. Not something to go into here but only to mention it and say how dignified everyone was. Their enthusiasm to carry on, to make the day something it was always meant to be, to reflect on the happiness and joy. I was truly touched. Not to mention the mad dancing man who, ironically, features quite prominently in Emma and Paul's wedding photos too. Big hearts, big smiles, big love.