Helen and Rob - Rustic Country Wedding at Manor Barn Buriton September

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Helen and Rob

Helen and Rob came to see me a few months ago. We sat in a pub garden enjoying glorious sunshine hoping their day would be the same. Helen was sharing her ideas on the look and feel of the wedding, the dress and ethos. Rob was talking about the music. Never had a couple detailed to me so perfectly what actually came to pass a few months later. To top it off...the weather was even better. I started in Fleet with Helen, the Bridesmaids and her parents. The mornings preparations went perfectly. I even got to take the wedding dress outside and play in the trees. Well, the dress played. I wasn't wearing it myself so we are clear. Darren started with Rob and a whole host of guests at The Five Bells in Buriton, just around the corner from Manor Barn. Sunshine brings the best out in guests and the odd pint of ale doesn't hurt either. Helen arrived (no traffic from the Goodwood Revival a blessing) and from there it was full steam ahead. A beautiful ceremony with a special appearance from a beloved rabbit (soft toy variety). The party started in earnest once we made it to the courtyard. Grampa's Spells (a Dixieland Jazz quintet) set up the mood whilst Dennys Catering worked their magic (Sue and Sean are top notch and second to none). We opted to delay the couple photos until after the meal and speeches to give more time for Helen and Rob to mingle and enjoy their family and friends. Heartfelt speeches and a wonderful meal led to the aforementioned couple photos and ultimately to a fantastic band who, with closed eyes, would have made you feel as if Madness were in the building. A truly remarkable, country rustic, sunshine and smiles kind of day. Thanks for having me guys!