Marquee Wedding in Hampshire - Georgie and Leo September

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Georgie and Leo

Wedding Photography in Hampshire

A living testament to the fact that good can come from the internet. This is Leo and Georgie and their wedding in Hartley Wintney. Just off the heath as you drive through the gorgeous idllic village of Hartley Wintney you'll see a row of houses. Hidden behind a mature hedge and some delicate bunting you'll find the childhood home of Georgie. It also happens to be the location of the wedding. Built in the garden is a gorgeous marquee that with one swift move will reveal its hidden gem. But more on that later. I met up with Georgie, the Bridesmaids and her parents at home. It was a perfect location. So perfect that when you hang the wedding dress in the window its reflection can be captured in an original sketch of Georgie which hangs on the wall. There is always something quite unique about photographing a Bride in her childhood bedroom. The circle of life and all that. It was a perfect walk through the trees and heath to the church. No wedding car required. After a moving service in an amazing church it was time for all the guests to make their way back to the house. The weather held for a few minutes but the September rain did nothing more than heighten the atmosphere with guests drawing ever closer together. Never a bad thing. Great foot, great speeches and then the big reveal. The curtain came down and behind the was a star lit disco just waiting to be danced on! A brilliant day in Hampshire.