Wedding Photography in Hampshire - Jitka and Justin September

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Jitka and Justin

Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Welcome to the wedding of Jitka and Justin exclusively photographed by Darren. Whilst I had another wedding (who decided against having a second photographer) Jitka and Justin hired Darren to cover their day in Froyle, Hampshire. Darren's experience and charm were perfect for their day and the feedback from the couple has been outstanding. I had no doubts obviously but its always great to hear such heart warming comments from couples. Especially about someone who has been with me since he was in school. Unfortunately he's taking a few months go travellling around the world (well...not unfortunately for that bit) so I don't have the low down on all the details of the day. I think the photos speak for themselves. Congratulations to Jitka and Justin as well as Darren for a perfect day.