Sam and Luke - Audleys Wood Wedding Photography June

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Sam and Luke

Today was always going to be different. An early start for me after two weddings on the previous two days. The first thing that was different was the sunshine. After two days of drab weather the sun had finally come out to play. A relief for sure. But weather doesn't make a wedding and it also doesn't make it different (hurricanes or deep snow fall excepted). What made today different was the early ceremony with close friends, a mammoth chillout session and finally an amazing BBQ with at least double the number of guests from the ceremony complete with an awesome jazz/swing/soul band. The Conservatory restaurant is an amazing location for a ceremony. High vaulted ceilings and incredible wood beams give it an open and well light atmosphere. Audleys Wood is a combination of old and new, the mix of which works particularly well. But this isn't about a venue. It's about a couple. A couple so clearly connected, so clearly in love. These are the days that you live for as a photographer. A together couple, wonderful weather, a perfect location and friendly people. I'd have a wedding like this every weekend if I could!