Renee and John - A Very Dorset Wedding July

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Renee and John

Intimidating. Scary. Nerve wracking. Just a few of the ways to describe my feelings about this wedding. Perhaps not what you expect me to say but bear with me. You see, this is no ordinary wedding. OK, it has a Bride and Groom. There's a ceremony and guests, a reception, speeches and an evening party. It has everything you expect from a wedding. Its only when you learn, that as a photographer, you'll be one of around 20 other photographers who will be there. Knees knocking -- GET ME OUT OF HERE! John is a freelance photographer and specialises in photojournalism with some very big name clients. Newspapers, magazines, publishers. So naturally his friends are also photographers. But he wanted them to be there as guests. That left me. Oh dear. You might think that with all of that, the fact there were so many other photographers there, that this would be my overriding memory. But you'd be wrong. What I will always remember about Renee and John's wedding was the spirit, the coming together of friends and family, the effort put forward by guests, the blue sky thinking by the couple that made this truly a unique day. Hiring a manor house in the Dorset countrside (but quite near to Bridport) was the first coup. It provided a meeting place for everyone the night before as well as a number of rooms for guests to stay in (myself included). The hard work of John's family who put together the flowers and the 'main' cake on the morning. Even the best man, who had to hire a car, got one that was sufficiently cool enough to take Renee and John from the ceremony back to the venue. Guests contributed to the pudding table and every one who brought something got a special mention and presentation. The final stroke of genius came in the evening when they hired the Electric Palace (a Victorian cinema and reception space in Bridport) and turned it into an evening reception venue. Magic. This is the kind of wedding that doesn't leave your memory and I'm so pleased to have been part of it.