Wedding at Pembroke College, Cambridge - Cambridgeshire July

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Toree and John

I've now completed half of the Boat Race. This was my first time working in Cambridge and by default my first time working at a Cambridge college. In this instance it is the prestigous Pembroke College. John, the Groom, is an alumni (is that the word you use here in the UK?). It was, one of the most beautful weddings I've ever been to. The location is amazing. Warm sunshine bathed us but also relented at times to give us some unique opportunities. Starting later in the day helps BTW. The grounds are nothing short of breathtaking. The chapel...oh boy, the chapel. Designed by Christopher Wren..yes, the one who designed St Paul's Cathedral. In fact, it was Wren's first architectural project. Call it beginners luck or down right brilliance, but I've never had such beautiful chapel based photographs. There has to be a downside...surely. Yep, you've got me there. The downside is that its only selected folks - alumni - who can marry there. So it looks like my pool of available customers is pretty small. Damn them :) Thanks to Toree and the family for making me feel welcome. To John, for taking one for the team...both in having his photo taken (not that bad was it) and for dealing with the pre wedding crisis involving his collar and a errantly place kiss for good luck. And finally, to the guests for allowing us to share in your day.