Nikki and Brett - Spring Wedding at Caerphilly Castle April

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Nikki and Brett

Another amazing and deeply special day for me. The chance to carry on the legacy of Laura and Leigh in a two steps removed kind of way. I've often mentioned how the spread of referrals from their wedding just keep coming back. Well, today its a case of Laura to Laura's Bridemaid Helen, Helen marries Ben, Ben's sister marries Mark and now Mark's sister gets married to Brett. I was there for all of it. I'm so proud. Of course pride was a great part of my day, but more importantly was the incredible people, the fun and warm atmosphere and the the stunning location. Depsite the colder weather of April the sun did shine and in the sun it felt warm(ish). You certainly wanted to be able to get outside as Caerphilly Castle is just sensational both to look at and work in. The Great Hall where the ceremony and reception were held is easily one of the finest settings I've seen. Fill it with incredible people and you've got a recipe for a wedding you'll never forget. I know I won't. Depsite being in Wales and me being a photographer who generally specialises in weddings in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Berkshire, I also travel. Wales, the entire South of England, the Midlands. I've even been to Tel Aviv and Verona. Thank you to Brett and Nikki for having me along. A wonderful day!