Wasing Park Wedding Photography - Kate and Richard August

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Kate and Rich

I remember the first day I saw Richard. I quickly worked out he must be 'a boyfriend' given the rather strange hours he kept at my neighbours house. Maybe strange isn't the best way of describing it. One thing I could tell, Kate was rather smitten. You see, I've had an interesting insight into this one. Kate was our neighbour for a few years before. She's been known to do a spot of babysitting, 3 kids sitting and sometimes add in a 3 dogs as well. She's the brave sort, always wearing a smile. Nothing much seems to get to Rich either. I reckon its a good combination. Wasing Park is a fantastic Berkshire venue. Full of character and extemely well thought out. This place was designed for weddings. No question about it. I was pleased to get the opportunity to work there. I had heard good things about it and I got to finally see for myself. It has just the right amount of space. Not too much so that guests can get lost or too disperse but enough to give some space when you need it. Its nothing short of a great wedding venue!