Charlotte and Rob - The Olde Bell and Tithe Barn Berkshire Wedding Photography May

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Charlotte and Rob

I knew it was coming. Darren was outside poised. I had to carry on up to see Charlotte and the girls. I wondered if I would know when it arrived. I didn't have to wonder for long. It was like Silverstone had moved to Hurley. It had arrived. When I say 'it' I don't mean Rob, but rather what Rob arrived in. A Ferrari Enzo. These things are like gold dust. Darren has arrived in two helicopters and can now add a spin in Ferrari Enzo to his list of perks in hanging with the boys. But I'm not complaining. I got to spend the prep with Charlotte and the girls. Lots of things happening. Champagne to pop, cards from Rob to be read, hair, dresses etc. We had visits from the Best Man, Rob's mum, Charlotte's friends etc. But we also had the watchful eye of her father. Sadly, he passed away not long ago but Charlotte brought a few photos of him and her as a child and placed them on the mirror. He was there, we all felt that. I'm getting a bit emotional remembering it all. Emotion was a key part of the day. I know that all weddings are emotional but some people are just more comfortable in letting those emotions be seen. Charlotte and Rob were very comfortable with letting the world know how they felt. Rob is a child. It's ok. I can say that. These are actually his words to me. He's the kind of guy you want to get lost in a big city with. Bring your passport, fresh socks and a snake bit kit. He's also an open, heart on his sleeve kind of guy too. He was nervous and it showed. But don't let me fool you. Charlotte was nervous too. It was all tissues and tears. I loved it. I got a bit emotional too. I love to see love. Simple. I also love beards (or rather I have respect for those that can grown them). Result. I love space hoppers. Check. Bascially this was a perfect wedding for me. Love, emotion, fun, beards and a Ferrari. How could this not be awesome? The answer. It was totally awesome! So enjoy this wedding from a different Tithe Barn for me. This time we are at the Old Bell in Hurley and their Tithe Barn wedding venue.