Sam and Jack - Tithe Barn Wedding Photography September

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Sam and Jack

Hampshire Wedding at Tithe Barn

It's back to Tithe Barn not even two weeks after my own wedding there. It was more than a little surreal for me. Despite having photographed over 60 weddings at the venue I could never really put myself in the shoes of the Groom as he stood at the front of this amazing building waiting for his beautiful Bride to appear from around the corner. But today I could. I felt every bit as nervous as Jack did. The long wait. The anticipation. The grandiose architecture of Tithe Barn adding to the intensity of it all. Like I did, a bit emotion poured from Sam's face as he finally knew she was on her way down the aisle. From then on I was able to see it once again as the photographer I always have. Getting to know both Sam and Jack, what made them the people they are. Learning through seeing, hearing and being part of their day. From the Angel Hotel straight through to the first dance and onwards. On this day I was supported by Sophie and her wonderful touch added a delightful roundness to the coverage. I hope you enjoy it.