Jenna and James - Hampton Court House Wedding September

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Jenna and James

Surrey Wedding Photography

If you've followed me for a while you'll know my love for Hampton Court House. Its boutique, chic, kitsch and amazing. I've loved every wedding I've ever shot there and this one is no different. I met up with Jenna and her crew at a local hotel to see the transformation from awesome to amazing. Darren met James and the guys at the church just down the road. The big question was...will it rain. I'm pleased to say that it didn't. Once the nuptials were complete it was time to head to Hampton Court House. This, for me, is when the fun starts. The weather a touch chilly so that pushed everyone inside. Yes, its a shame that they couldn't see the palm trees and grotto that make the grounds unique but it did mean that they were no poised in the best light a photographer could ask for. See above :) Next came the wedding breakfast delivered by the amazing team at Acclaim. The red walls and checkerboard floor of the hall make for a unique and unrivalled location. Speeches, a magician and cake cutting to come. Finally, they rounded out the evening with a first dance and an amazing band. What a great day!