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Hi and welcome to my blog. Filled with images from my recent weddings, engagement shoots, portrait sessions and corporate work. Most importantly its a window into my world...a world where family takes an upper hand and I have the images to prove it. Hopefully you'll take a few minutes to browse and once addicted set the blog as a bookmark. If you have any comments please feel free to add them or just get in touch.

For The Record: The images that I put on the blog from recent weddings may not always be the best or even ones you might expect. They are things that I saw, that I like that I want to share. Sometimes they are part of a quirky story or show a tender or ironic side to a wedding.


Eltham Palace Wedding Photographer – Stephanie and Jonathan – Just One


Travelling to London during a Papal visit is no mean feat.  Thankfully I stayed far enough south and east to avoid most of the hoopla.  I started in Dulwich.  One of the few bits of London I reckon I could live in.  I suppose because it feels like a village.  I reckon affording it would be a different prospect.  I mention Dulwich mostly because of the most wonderful chapel, Christ’s Chapel and our vicar for yesterday’s wedding, Anthony.  What a top chap.  Recognised that experience professionals know what to do and let us act professionally.  Can I ask all photographers who read this blog to stand up and salute him NOW!

Today’s Just One comes from Eltham Palace.  After trudging through the whole of south London and eventually arriving at Eltham I felt that this would not be a place I would hanker to return to.  Not because its not beautiful.  Not because there aren’t some fantastic places for folks to be in which means great photos.  Just that trawling south London often would, literally, send me over the deep end.  Then we left…and by golly its only 6 miles from the M25…and quite a few of those are a dual carriageway with no red lights.  Suddenly I can’t wait to get back to Eltham Palace!

eltham palace wedding photographer Eltham Palace Wedding Photographer   Stephanie and Jonathan   Just One

pixel Eltham Palace Wedding Photographer   Stephanie and Jonathan   Just One


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