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Holly celebrated (as much as anyone her age could) her first birthday on Tuesday.  She’s now officially…a one year old.  I’m never really sure when you stop referring to kids’ age in months.  In any event she’s one…and close enough to it that it doesn’t really matter.

She’s perfecting the art of walking with assistance.  The assistance can come in the form of her train, my fingers or Evan.  She’s not really that picky.  What she is, is proud.  Exceedingly so.  She smiles and giggles whenever she ‘walks’.

At the moment we have this nightly ritual that involves bathing Holly, pulling her out, setting her on her towel and saying “Holly, you stay right there…DON’T move”.  She then laughs hysterically and crawls at top speed, naked and mostly wet, down the hall.  Actually the best bit is in the 4 foot between the towel and the hall that is still the lino (linoleum) floor.  Her legs slip and she looks like a hot-rod spinning her wheels.  She then giggle and shrills her way to our room where I collect her, take her and back and repeat the process.  Endless fun I can assure you :)

With Evan I would write about every detail of his life.  This time around I’ve been a bit slack.  I suppose part of that is because she’s number two.  You’re a bit more relaxed…a bit wiser.  With Evan I think he had been to the GP 5 times by the time he was 18 weeks old.  Holly has been once…I think.  Perhaps the biggest reason is that I didn’t really have a lot to say.  Where Evan had charm Holly merely had constant crying.  I’m pleased to say that the difficult little beast is changing…she’s picked up on her brother’s charm and is actually becoming a joy to be around.  She’s adventurous, playful and very wise for her age.  She knows things…I know, you think I’m crazy.  If ever you wanted to develop a belief in reincarnation I suggest you spend a week with Holly.  There is a knowing; an understanding of things that you don’t expect a 1 year old to know.  Maybe its just being a little sister to a 4 (nearly 5) year old brother.  Who knows.

I suppose that’s enough rambling…here are some photos from her family tea party and opening presents on her actual birthday.  For the record she loved her trip to Ikea with her parents on her birthday and her dinner out at Prezzo in Midhurst.

 Uno “they say it’s your birthday” – dundundundundundunduh

 Uno its all gone so….PINK

 Uno I thought 3 was the magic number

 Uno Look Dad….two hands


 Uno With cousin Josh and perhaps the most INAPPOPRIATE gift for a 1 year old — no, not being ungrateful, just thinking about how long it will be until she escapes and ends up at Costa in Petersfield

 Uno Easy Rider


 Uno …LOVE the cake

 Uno Whereas most kids you have to open their presents for them, there was little hesitation from the Dolly

 Uno Buffalo soldier

pixel Uno


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