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Hi and welcome to my blog. Filled with images from my recent weddings, engagement shoots, portrait sessions and corporate work. Most importantly its a window into my world...a world where family takes an upper hand and I have the images to prove it. Hopefully you'll take a few minutes to browse and once addicted set the blog as a bookmark. If you have any comments please feel free to add them or just get in touch.

For The Record: The images that I put on the blog from recent weddings may not always be the best or even ones you might expect. They are things that I saw, that I like that I want to share. Sometimes they are part of a quirky story or show a tender or ironic side to a wedding.


Secret of My Success


No, this isn’t a Michael J Fox movie.  I’ll get to that in a mo.

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We decided to take Holly to a cranial osteopath.  Sounds really invasive doesn’t it.  In some ways I wish it was.  Blokey ask 40 questions, puts his hands on her head, back and tummy, barely moves and charges me £40.  I want jackhammers and scalpels to be honest.  But saying that, we took Evan to same chap a few years ago and were very impressed.  We’ve sensed a bit of tension in her lower back and felt that this was a great way forward.  So far, so good.

My birthday passed off without incident.  We made the foolish decision to make tracks from Gunwharf Quays for lunch and a quick dash to the historic ships.  Only when we hit the queues did we remember…HALF TERM!  Saying that, Holly needed a break from all the revision.  She passed her hearing test with flying colours. (damn, I really am funny).  I never did find the perfect gift…so instead I passed off an office necessity as a gift and purchased a new printer with Wi-Fi capability.  Living life…right on the edge.

Technology sucks…OK, I lie, its great.  But whoever invented the Genius sidebar in iTunes needs to be hung.  I wasted nearly £5 buying 80s hair band music the other day.  Ratt, Poison etc etc etc.  You can never get too much “Round and Round”.

Right…the secret of my success.  I just press the shutter.  The real work goes on behind the scenes.  For the first time I prepared to reveal my secret weapon!  Here you go!

024 045 Secret of My Success
Meticulously removing every imperfection!

024 046 Secret of My Success
In a muddle deciding on Lord of the Rings or Hollywood Glow (warning, most of you have no idea what I’m on about–as if that makes a change)

Actually, Evan is checking out the games on the Lego website.  He’s getting to grips with the mouse quite well…although I suspect he may need a left handed mouse…do they even exist?

pixel Secret of My Success


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