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Hi and welcome to my blog. Filled with images from my recent weddings, engagement shoots, portrait sessions and corporate work. Most importantly its a window into my world...a world where family takes an upper hand and I have the images to prove it. Hopefully you'll take a few minutes to browse and once addicted set the blog as a bookmark. If you have any comments please feel free to add them or just get in touch.

For The Record: The images that I put on the blog from recent weddings may not always be the best or even ones you might expect. They are things that I saw, that I like that I want to share. Sometimes they are part of a quirky story or show a tender or ironic side to a wedding.


Park Life


Just a few points…Holly is getting on OK.  Well, saying that she did pretty much cry lots, eat little and sleep little from 7pm Tuesday up until 7pm Wednesday.  Today she’s been her ‘old self’ again.  How you can describe a 9 day old child in terms of ‘old self’ is beyond me.  I did get to feed her last night.  Nicola ‘expressed’ (MOOOO) enough to let me do a dummy run.  So tonight she’s off to bed at 9 and I’m on late duty.  Of course this did afford me the opportunity to watch Spain v England.  I’m sure David Villa is a video game character.

My birthday is next week.  I’m really looking forward to my last year in the 20s (yeah, right).  Nicola keeps pestering me, “what do you want for your birthday?”.  Umm, I can’t figure it out.  I don’t really want anything.  Family members are all getting iTunes vouchers.  By this time next week I reckon I’ll have a credit account of around £100.  That’s a lot of ‘Busted’ for one chap I can tell you.  If anyone has anything constructive do let me know.

I was more than a bit miffed to learn that ‘The Boss’ is playing in London this summer.  I love Bruce, but I can’t do festivals.  The thought of sitting outside in the searing heat…wait this is London in the summer…the thought of sitting in the pouring rain waiting for The E Street Band to play just kills me.  I’ve seen Bruce before.  3 hours of non stop entertainment.  The best value for money concert ever.  Perhaps they’ll do a Wembley or something.

Anywho…went to the park today with Evan…remember him?

024 040 Park Life
I am the God of Hell Fire!

024 041 Park Life

024 042 Park Life
Hey, everyone else is producing dull, brown images…why can’t I?

024 043 Park Life

024 039 Park Life
Oh yeah, Holly!

pixel Park Life


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