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Pretty in Pink

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There’s no question that we were all relieved that what popped out (almost literally) was healthy etc etc.  But I think more that a few in the family were hoping it was a girl (I suppose I should stop referring to Holly as ‘it’).  Whilst Nicola’s parents had two girls themselves I’m certain that with two grandsons already on the scene the opportunity to do dolls and discos was pretty high on their wish list.  Nicola, too, has these romantic visions of spa breaks and shopping weekends.  Poor Holly has so much to live up to. :)

Yesterday’s visiting hours started at 2:30pm.  The onslaught on anything pink began.  I’m certain that had she have been a boy, a few nice things would have found their way in…but not quite to the same volume.  Everything is pink.  Not neutral, white or unisex but PINK!

Holly is doing great.  She’s feeding well, which given our experience with Evan is a relief.  What goes in must come out and that’s working well to boot.

023 091 Pretty in Pink

Yesterday wasn’t just the first chance for Grandparents to meet Holly but also Evan.  Evan’s been saying for months that he wants a girl baby (lucky eh).  He’s given ‘baby’ a kiss most days and has been holding on to baby’s bunny.  Just how the first meeting would go was going to be interesting.  The GPs (grandparents) dropped Evan by and let us have a few minutes, just the four of us.  Evan was a bit bewildered.  Just sort of walked in, made eye contact and then stopped dead.  He just didn’t know what to make of her.  He slowly moved around her cot.   I asked him, “do you want to hold Holly?”.  “No”.  I picked her up and he got a little closer.  I put her back in the cot and then he decided it was time.  “Can I stroke her?”.  After a few minutes I asked again and this time he was happy to hold her.  He’s not quite up to the whole floppy head thing yet.  You could almost tell that holding her was something that he knew we wanted him to do.  He would look at her, look at me, look out the window.  Eventually he said “I’m your big brother” (or should I say bruvvah, even though he lives on the Hants, Surrey, Sussex border the whole Portsmouth accent seems to be taking hold) “My name is Evan”.  After that it was back to normal and eventually he was more interested in the toys in the family room and the fact he was meeting his cousin for dinner later.  Later he said to me “I will be good with Holly.  I won’t throw things at her”.  Well…that’s a relief

023 092 Pretty in Pink
The blob bottom left is Holly…can you tell from Evan’s expression?

023 093 Pretty in Pink
Already in contention for ‘best big brother ever’ with a vow to not throw things at her

023 094 Pretty in Pink

023 095 Pretty in Pink
Yes Evan, it IS the end of world as we know it

023 096 Pretty in Pink

023 097 Pretty in Pink

023 098 Pretty in Pink

023 099 Pretty in Pink
Holly…already an ace at buying presents, gets to sleep with the Buzz lighthyear she got Evan

023 100 Pretty in Pink
Ironically, not terribly different in size

023 101 Pretty in Pink
The pink has arrived!

023 102 Pretty in Pink
Nicola retells the entire story to her parents…AGAIN!

So far, so good.  We’re probably coming home today.  Just depends on Nicola…ta for now!
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The Ultimate Professional

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As a professional its important to understand how your equipment works.  The unique properties of glass, humidity, light…not only the physics but the general science behind build and materials.  Fortunately for me I rarely find myself tramping between a snowy winter wonderland at 5pm and a birthing pool at 8pm.  (Hmmm…there’s a clue in there for the regulars)

Heed these warnings well and you too will find that this is NOT the first picture you took of you newborn baby girl

023 080 The Ultimate Professional
the fact I still watermarked this image is dumbfounding

So yes, the astute amongst you…the Sherlock Holmes if you will…have probably deduced that Nicola gave birth to a 7lb 6oz girl last night which we have named Holly Louise.  In the spirit of keeping names in the family Louise is Nicola’s middle name.

To say that labour was quick would be a profound understatement.  We were hiking our way up to a sledging hill at 4:00pm.  We dropped Evan off at his grandparents at 5:20.  We left for the hospital just before 7.  In fact Nicola asked me the time as we were turning out of the village and I replied “three minutes to 7″.  Ten minutes to Petersfield, five minute slow walk (with multiple contractions) to the ward and at 7:48 Holly arrived.  For those of you with unsharp mask eyes (200, 2.8, 0) you might be able to work out that she was born in the pool.

That’s about all I have time for now.  Evan meets his baby sister later this morning.  So there will be more later this week.  For now here’s a few snaps.

023 081 The Ultimate Professional

023 082 The Ultimate Professional

023 083 The Ultimate Professional

023 085 The Ultimate Professional

023 086 The Ultimate Professional

023 087 The Ultimate Professional

023 089 The Ultimate Professional

023 088 The Ultimate Professional

023 090 The Ultimate Professional

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Winter Wonderland

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Just the other day I was chatting with an old friend from High School about living in the UK.  They had just had a big snow and the question was asked do we get a lot of snow here.  I chuckled and said no.  I would like to say that I never win at the lottery either (hoping that perhaps, just once, I might tempt fate into my favour).

Stayed up late last night to watch the Super Bowl.  Made it as far as in every other year…the end of halftime.  The game was starting to get interesting and the lure of Bruce Springsteen was too much to miss.  It would seem I missed (I did record it) a great second half and a fabulous ending to the game.  I look forward to catching it soon.

You may have guessed…no baby.  This is getting rather annoying now.  Every tick in the box is there (stuff I won’t even explain as, let’s face it, childbirth is a rather messy affair) but the bubs just doesn’t want to play ball.

023 078 Winter Wonderland
We met some friends on the common…Nicola isn’t much use on a sledge!

023 079 Winter Wonderland
Evan and Robert

023 076 Winter Wonderland
Yesterday…the things you can do when magic hypnotic box is on

023 077 Winter Wonderland

pixel Winter Wonderland
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