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For The Record: The images that I put on the blog from recent weddings may not always be the best or even ones you might expect. They are things that I saw, that I like that I want to share. Sometimes they are part of a quirky story or show a tender or ironic side to a wedding.


2 Week Report Card


Holly has now been with us for 2 weeks.  In two weeks I’ve come to conclusion that women are more demanding than men.  Yep, it took 2 children and too many years to work it out, but its true.  The contrast between Evan and Holly proves it.  Currently madam refuses to sleep on her back.  But don’t tell the GP, Health Visitor or the NCT…because that’s just baby suicide if you ask them.  However, I reckon 72 hours of no sleep for a 2 week old would have the same effect…so for now, she’s on her tummy, happy and rested.

Apparently there’s no link between foods that Nicola eats and irritable babies.  However, we’ve seen a bit of trend and did some Googling.  Again we found the whilst there appears to be no link many have reported a coorelation between certain foods…here’s an excerpt:

Some babies fuss for up to 24 hours after their mothers have eaten garlic, onions, cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, chiles, or beans. Citrus fruits and their juices, chocolate, and spices such as chili powder, curry powder, and cinnamon can also bother young nursing babies

So…let’s review what we’ve had Saturday and Sunday:

  • Curry powder (Valentine’s home made curry)
  • Garlic (ditto)
  • Onions (ditto)
  • Citrus fruits (our healthy lunchtime fruit salad)
  • Chocolate (yep, its Valentines)
  • Curry powder — again (sunday, I got a foodie with the leftovers)
  • Chilli powder (Sunday…damn you)
  • Garlic (guilty as charged)

OK…so there might not be a link…but damnit, if there is we nailed just about everything on the suspect list.  As a consequence she’s been moody as hell today..Holly, not Nicola.

Anywho..best be off.  She’ll be awake in a mo, ready for her dream feed delivered by yours truly.

024 044 2 Week Report Card

BTW…its my birthday tomorrow (or today for most of you reading…OK, let’s just call it Tuesday).  Happy Birthday to me :)

pixel 2 Week Report Card


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